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Greek Island
Tropical Resort

The Destination

1. Culture Vultures


Want to enrich yourself in the culture of our ancestors or present citizens? want to experience Greece and learn about Olympus and the first Olympics? Or maybe go to Naples to learn about Pompei and Vulcano Vesuvio? Or you might even want to go to Hawaii or the Polynesian islands to explore and learn about their exotic and amazing culture.

2. Shopaholics


Want to venture on Champs Elysees and explore all the shops Paris has to offer on their most historic street? Or do you want to explore the little street shops in Greece as you walk through their picturesque little streets? Or maybe you want to explore the shops in the Caribbean to get some of the local cultures along with your shopping.

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3. Romantics


Strolling down the canals in Venice or taking a gondola ride in Venice to see al the colourful houses and exquisite bridges you pass underneath is a perfect romantic night with your significant other. Or you could take a romantic walk on the beaches in the Maldives and watch as the crystal clear turquoise waves crash ever so slightly into the sandand over your feet. Or have a romantic dinner just the two of you on a river cruise as you float through the Danube river. 

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