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My Favorite Destinations



The city of lights is the perfect and picture-worthy destination. With all of its famous sights to see, I can also help you with my expertise to point you towards amazing local spots to make your Parisien experience a dream! Paris is truly an amazing city to explore and perfect for every traveller.

Africa by River Cruise 


With Ama Waterways River Cruises you can enjoy multiple countries through the Chobe and Zambezi. Take safari's through the reserves and explore the rich culture and amazing amenities that their river cruises have to offer. Witha fitness center, sun deck, multiple restaurants, and amazing accommodations this is a perfect way to discover Africa.



It is my favourite tropical paradise to explore by cruise ship! With a large variety of islands and countries your choices of the perfect paradise endless.With amazing snorkeling, renting ATV's, scuba diving, or just relaxing at the beaches with the crystal clear water. The Caribbean islands offer a million things to do and explore and is an amazing destination for cruises or resorts.

Tropical Beach


As one of the top destinations in the world, Alaska is perfect for any traveller who wants to immerse themselves in nature and see Alaska's natural beauty. Taking a cruise to Alaska is the perfect way to explore the state and see everything with amazing excursions!

It’s not too late to book your last-minu


Explore the small picturesque streets of Greece and immerse yourself in the greek cuisine and culture by taking a cruise through the islands or simply stay in Santorini to experience the perfect sunsets and blue topped churches. Or explore the history of Athens or the island of Mykonos. Greece is one of my favourite destinations I have ever been to and is totally worth it! With its Instagram worthy views and its amazing cities to explore its a perfect destination.


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